Philips - Brillance 16 Cortes

The Brilliance CT 16-slice configuration is a high performance system that is ideally

suited for routine CT studies, CTA and advanced motion-sensitive applications like

CT Colonography and Pulmonary studies

GE - CT BrightSpeed 16 cortes

  • Manufactured: 2006

  • Tube Type: Performix

  • Tube Installed: June 2018

  • Current Tube mAs: 5 million mAs


SmartPrep, Power440, 3000 Image Series, Direct-3D, Smart Speed, Helical Tilt, AutomA, 90kva, Direct-MPR, DataExport, copyComposer, VolumeViewer, AutoBone, CTPerfusion4Neuro, Connect Pro.

Toshiba - CT TSX-002A Series

Características técnicas

Subject of scanning: Whole Body

Scanning system: Continuous rotational system

Scan time: 2sec, 3sec, 4sec

X-ray exposure method: Continuous x ray method

X-ray tube heat capacity: 2.000 KHU

X-ray tube current: 20 to 200 mA

X-ray tube voltage: 80KV. 120KV. 130KV

Reconstruction time: 3 to 5 seconds

Slice thickness: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm

Scanable range: Max.1165 mm

Field of view: 10mm to 420mm

Bed Speed: 5mm/sec to 70mm/sec

Image Monitor: 15 inch

X-rays generator: Three phase 200/400V (50/60 Hz) 5OKVA

Console: Single phase 100V (50/60 Hz) 3KVA

Detecting System: Single phase 100V (50/60 Hz) 1KVA

Grounding Less: than 100 ohms